Matters To Be Considered About Wild  Mushrooms

Please note that like us mushrooms are also part of nature.

They include poisonous species; there are edible and inedible species like as animals and plants.

Even the most poisonous mushrooms have important the roles in their natural habitat, certainly must not be destroyed for no reason.

About fifteen types of macro-fungi are deadly poisonous, although hundreds of other mushroom species will create serious health problems.

Many delicious mushrooms  have similar poisonous even lethal species in nature.

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Morel and Gyromitra in the same basket


All kinds of health problems that may occur after  consuming wild mushroom is accepted as  poisoning.

In our country, many poisonous mushrooms are being sold at public markets.

Even the most delicious mushrooms if kept in inappropriate conditions, leads to severe poisoning when consumed.

Never use ear-to-ear information, old beliefs, photo-simulated methods to identify mushrooms and do not eat stale-looking mushrooms. IF IN DOUBT,LEAVE IT OUT.

Do not consume large amounts of wild mushrooms.


There are no methods to distinguish edible mushrooms from poisonous mushrooms, generalization of any kind (for example, if it is white it’s non-toxic, if purple it’s poisonous, if it’s milky it is edible, if eaten by animals, we can eat it), they can lead to extremely dangerous poisoning.

Eating a mushroom that you don’t know without consulting an expert, is similar to playing Russian roulette.

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